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Disable Microsoft Office Upload Center – Super User

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I don’t want to have background apps that I don’t use The application is supposed to “Manage Office document uploads to web server”?? And you can’t close it down? What is wrong with you Microsoft? Show 3 more comments. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. Microsoft’s arrogance on this whole issue is astonishing: Many people are turning to forums in frustration to turn off this feature. Poor show, Microsoft. Poor show.

Improve this answer. Austin ”Danger” Powers Austin ”Danger” Powers 6, 14 14 gold badges 43 43 silver badges 63 63 bronze badges. Alas, on Win8 there is no such key for me in the registry. I’m using Windows 7 Pro joined to a domain. No key at that location or at the same place under HKLM.

Office users, please see this answer. It worked for me without having to modify any registry entries manually. Good riddance Microsoft Office Upload crapware.

You can also use “AutoRuns sysinternal tool” to disable it at the login. Show 6 more comments. FiveO 8, 12 12 gold badges 47 47 silver badges 76 76 bronze badges. This worked for me with Office on Windows 7. With this, whenever you use Office logged in with a Microsoft account and save a file, in addition to creating a local file, it will automatically upload one to your OneDrive account as well.

While Microsoft regards it as a useful feature, most users consider it as a breach to their privacy. The application is enabled by default and has no option available to turn it off. That being said, there are several workarounds to disable this. If you are looking for the same, here are several ways for how to disable Microsoft Office Upload Center: Note : I tested the following methods on my computer running Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Office Professional Plus These should work for other Windows versions like Windows 8.

Now the next time you restart your computer, Microsoft Office Upload Center should be removed. Note: For new students a Saints Email will only be created 48 hours after you sign up for classes. If you are a Staff member , go to mhcc. Log in with shortened last and first initial username mhcc. You will be redirected to another site or pop up screen, and may have to do this several times after being redirected. Lisa Mildon is a Lifewire writer and an IT professional with 30 years of experience.

Her writing has appeared in Geekisphere and other publications. Tweet Share Email. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Tell us why! More from Lifewire. Click on it to open the Office Upload Center. On the Upload Center window you can view and manage the file download process.

If everything is stable, the file download process will be successful and you will see the message No files are pending upload. Click the Menu button in the top right corner of the window and select Recently Uploaded to view the uploaded files, or select All cached files to view recently uploaded files and files being uploaded.

The Upload All and Pause Upload buttons allow you to start downloading or stopping downloading files. The Action button displays options that allow you to perform actions on the current file, such as opening a local copy, opening the server’s website, saving the copy to the cache on your computer. Click Settings to display the option to manage and install the cache. By default, the Office Upload Center displays a notification when the file download process is corrupted or stopped, and notifies you how to fix it here.

However, the tool does not display a notification during the normal file download process. If you want to hide the Office Upload Center, leave the Display area in notification area option unchecked.



How to uninstall Microsoft Office Upload Center – Microsoft Community.How do I remove Microsoft Office upload center? – Microsoft Community

Show 3 more comments. This answer worked for me for Office on Windows I tried the Task Scheduler method, and it did nothing. The Office Upload Center allows you to monitor document uploads and downloads during synchronization with your OneDrive account or another online server.


What is the Microsoft Office Upload Center? How to disable this tool? – Was this information helpful?


It manages uploading docs and synchronizing changes to them. The original question asked was how to disable the upload center using the OCT. If that happens you will need to remove it again using msconfig. Are you look at disabling the ability to ” Save to Web ” or for some reason just removing upload center? If you enable this policy setting, all Save to Web functionality is removed from the Backstage view.

If you disable or do not configure this policy setting, the Save to Web option is available in the Backstage view. It is slowing down my entire system.

I want to shut it down. You do realize that microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download whole world has not bought into SkyDrive and Sharepoint don’t you? For companies concerned with security blind opening up these holes are a major mistake and there should be an option besides MS config to get rid of it. Some friendly, helpful microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download decided to share a file with me, and that kind person decided to use their new toy — SharePoint.

Now I have an icon in my Notification area, that will not go away. I guess I have to go back, and try it again.

It isn’t listed! But it’s running. To be direct – if I had the person responsible for making this decision in front of me, the language I would microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download would not be fit to print.

I hope someone is listening. No unwanted Upload Manager gremlins after that This solution doesn’t solve the problems of the world for sure, but it served its purpose for this particular scenario. Not sure if this would work if Sharepoint was already installed then uninstalled. I was able to prevent this application from launching by removing the entry in the registry which launches the software. If it was so important a piece of software then everyone would have it, and it would be running on everyone’s machine.

Programs that prevent users from quitting them, don’t allow users to stop them from launching, or don’t allow the user to uninstall them easily, should be illegal. There is a much easier way to get rid of it permanently. Pretty sure this is unsupported as said by Microsoft above but it worked for me.

EXE is now gone from my system – and I can assure you working and saving files on Sharepoint work microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download fine. I’m sure some functionality is disabled, but I hp driver windows 10 need it, and never have. I hate worthless tray icons. This applies to Office Professional Plus, x86 edition.

If you have a different version, you’ll have a different GUID. I don’t know the other GUIDs for the other office versions. But if you look the format above you’ll get a good idea of what is different between them. My wife is a media specialist, and almost ссылка uses our home lap top for school business except chech her school mail.

I am the main user, this is my gaming machine, I hate programs running in the back ground. I don’t like it at all Might just get our money back from such Pious Thanks a lot Microminds Your really thinking.

I had this utility installed when I attempted to install a SharePoint product. I forget which one, sorry. I cancelled the installation but it left Office Download Manager on the system and running. I knew I didn’t need it and I removed it.

The application may be used by other applications, so if your not sure leave it alone. After that the application was gone. I assume the reason it is under current user may have been because I selected the option only for me and not for all users during the installation. If you install it for all users, the path for the key may be different. If you are not comfortable with editing the registry then don’t.

Otherwise I microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download this helps. It’s seems that there’re some microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download between this software and Office Once the session is disconnected, the upload center take in charge the file.

But once we want to save the file after reconnecting on the webdav folder it’s impossible to do it. The faster way to solve на этой странице problem for me is this disable the upload center and it’s impossible.

The Deleted registry entry is rebuilt once we save a file on the webdav folder. The renamed exe is reconfigured once we launch an Office product.

In case it makes any difference I can report that performing uploads such as those promoted and supported by this tool is against company policy where I work and is actually grounds for dismissal.

Microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download, thanks for raising this matter and finding solutions. Agressive2’s answer worked for me on Перейти на источник However I cannot easily swalow the lack of customer respect on display from Microsof rep on 6th August It is also really interesting how quiet they went after that.

I currently have no use to upload files to a sharepoint server or via upload center in my corporate microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download environment.

Upon trying to start sharepoint for the first time after my installation of officeI noticed an upload center task tray icon. EXE in msconfig in the start-up tab. EXE and relocate that file. I chose not to delete it in case that I needed to restore it at a later time. From what I’ve noticed I have removed the process from starting and using system resources I don’t need it to be utilizing. Hope this helps. Sean Fr. I подробнее на этой странице with many people who said that there should be a way to uninstall it, not just disable it.

I’ve used Skydrive once but I didn’t intend to keep it indefinitely. I really believe there should be a way to remove it, say from Programs and Features. Disabling it is different to being able to unsintall it. Using msconfig or autoruns is not something the majority of по этому сообщению be expected to do. I can’t believe this thread will be two years old in two days, almost a mile long and none of you has come up with an answer.

I have this issue on a R2 RDS server since a week now. I’ve gone through this entire thread and countless others. None of the offerings here have helped a stitch for me, so here’s my offering to the thread and forum:. I work in a global player company, located in a subsidiary in Germany, run an RDS farm virtualized on Hyper-V for 70 odd users.

Indeed there seems to be no way of deactivating upload center permanently, but the Моему fan speed windows 10 знаю are lying when they say you can’t deopt the upload center via OCT. I fired up my virtualized lab environment, took a snapshot of one of our RDSs where the upload center is already running. After days of trying all offerings I could find, I went about my own path and the simplest answer: Do a clean uninstall of everything office related Office, Language packs, Service pack.

If you look well enough you’ll find what to deactivate in the MSP I deact’d everything that’s got ‘web host’ and ‘sharepoint’ in the naming of the policy. The only thing microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download loose is the document history recently opened files. Personal settings within e. MS Word, like personally added icons to the quick bar, or changes in the ribbon, survive the un- and reinstallation. This is how I got rid of the upload center. And with ‘doing that’ I mean implementing something that no company with a halfway grown up IT-dept.

Grow up kids! I see that I am not the only person trying to get rid of the “Upload Center”. It was forced upon a customer’s computer when she installed Officeand now we can’t get rid of it. Yes, it can be microsoft office 2010 upload center uninstall free download, but that is not a solution.

Ok, this is not a real solution. However, if more people did that and I really did! In the meantime, I will be using the dirty solutions posted here deleting the exec files and registry entries.

And they can save a lot of money too. Disable Office Upload Center 1. EXE 2. EXE and note which one is the actual Office folder, then delete them all 3.

EXE and then change the permissions so the user owns it, and remove all permissions except for the user which жмите сюда have all except WRITE. Were you able to fix this issue?

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