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Antimicro download windows free

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Antimicro download windows free. AntiMicro/antimicro

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Changing the buttons and assigning keys from the keyboard to your controller is easy with AntiMicro , a simple app that will help you use your controller as you want. AntiMicro Team. Hardwipe 5. Secret Disk DuplicateFinder 1. Antimicrob software allows you to utilize the game controller instead of your keyboard when playing video games. You can connect mouse and keyboard keys to your handheld controller, and can adjust the reaction time settings.

The program will identify the controllers that are connected to your computer. With a pre-made profile, you will have the controller layout suitable for playing games without the need to create a map by yourself. To be able to play with these pre-made profiles, you need to be running at the very least an anti micro version 2. Anti micro for Windows is a graphic program that can convert a mouse and keyboard to gamepads.

The lever can be moved completely towards the left for the lowest delay in the input. The delay per second you experience will be displayed above the line, while your rate of speed per second is listed below. You can use evtest, or maybe just from the joystick program in the event that you experience problems in detecting axes, controllers, or buttons. An effort is now being done to utilize the Wiki section on GitHub more. The Wiki is currently open to all GitHub users so feel free to add a new page or modify an existing page.

Under Debian and Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu, the easiest way to get a base build environment set up is to install the meta-package build-essential. The following packages are required to be installed on your system in order to build this program:.

In order to build this program, open a terminal and cd into the antimicro directory. Enter the following commands in order to build the program:.

The cmake step will use pkg-config to attempt to find any SDL libraries that you have installed. This behavior should work fine for most people.

Here is an example of how to specify that you want antimicro to be compiled with SDL 2 support when you run qmake. Modified by Travis Nickles. The current version of Qt that is being used to create builds is 5. Choose a Build Location. The recommendation is to create a “build” folder under the root antimicro folder and choose that for the build location. The default path for version Qt 5. The application will need SDL2. A build step has been added to CMakeLists.

Click the “Projects” icon in the sidebar to bring up the “Build Settings” section. Within “Build Steps”, click the “Details” button on the Make entry. At this point, antimicro has been built for Windows and is runnable from Qt Creator. A couple more steps are required in order to make a distributable package. Run “Build All” to have the application and required DLLs installed into the final location that will be ready for distribution.

Some additional steps are required in order to compile a 64 bit version of antimicro. AntiMicro for Windows is a tool that lets you map your gamepad to any keys on your computer keyboard. You can also map mouse controls. It’s a must-have if you consider yourself to be a PC gamer whose current gamepad doesn’t already feature existing gamepad support.

Using AntiMicro, you’ll be able to manage your desktop application of choice using your gamepad. AntiMicro is a program that is a great asset for gamers. The program allows you to map certain keys and mouse controls to a game pad to make it easier for you to play your favorite games. Users should note, however, that some games don’t allow the use of programs such as AntiMicro. They consider it to be a form of cheating and you might get banned from the game for using it. Antimicro for windows is a graphical program to map keyboard and mouse into a gamepad.

Got one for my kid and He used like it anything. This did exactly what i was looking for, which was to make PC applications think my cheap Bluetooth gamepad controller was an Xbox style controller Xinputs. Thanks team. I really liked how easy this software has improved my game play and made my gaming so much more enjoyable.

Being able to map out exactly all the keys and put it in a format that really makes it easy to understand is a very nice upgrade. The clean user interface makes AntiMicro easy to use. Your gamepad will appear in a tab at the top of the UI. The options that you see in the tabs are the buttons on your game controller. The associated buttons will turn purple any time that you press buttons on your joystick. Presets are available at the bottom of the window to let you quickly set up your controller.

Or, you can manually set up your controller instead. The app organizes your gamepad buttons into two main categories. Each gamepad and joystick will have a tailored tab. You can click on any button to launch a setting window to match a gamepad control to either a keyboard or mouse button.

Two tabs are available to let you choose whether you want to map keyboard or mouse strokes. You can choose whether the controller selections will mimic left or right clicks from your mouse. Down and up scrolling motions are also available to set up.


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Download antimicro for PC. What will happen when you click Free Download? You will be redirected to an external website to complete the download. If you encounter any issues with your download, please report them here. App specs License Free Version 2. Last month’s downloads Intelligent standby list cleaner 1.

GPU-Z 2. MacroMaker 2. The rest of the buttons are very easy to map, so even beginners should not run into any issues. If you own several controllers, or if you wish to create different mappings for various games, you should be pleased to learn that antimicro allows you to save up to eight of them, and then switch to the right one with a couple of mouse clicks. The application is minimized to the system tray, so it will not interfere with your gaming sessions in any way.

Overall, antimicro is an application that many gamers will likely find to be invaluable. It is especially useful for those who play older games, as well as those who are not prepared to switch to the Steam Controller. It is unobtrusive and very easy to use, while also including presets that can get you started on the right track.

Map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad and play games that do not offer controller support, with this nifty application. What’s new in antimicro Portable 2. Read the full changelog.


Antimicro for Windows – Download it from Uptodown for free – Other Useful Business Software

The program is helpful and has garnered praise from the general community these days. It gives you a lot of control over what keys you can press with your controller and how your gaming experience goes. Wise Memory Optimizer. The profile helps the software identify the buttons programmed for specific actions in the game.


Antimicro download windows free

AntiMicro is a simple application that helps you set up your controllers and gaming pads so that you’re able to map them and even map. AntiMicro is a graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad. Download Antimicro for Windows for free. Configure the controls of any gamepad on your PC. Antimicro is a program that makes it easy to map.

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