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As you know CS6 has version Wikivid had been a long-time listing in the after effects external links, it serves as an unbiased index of free video tutorials. I recently re-added it only to see it quickly removed. To me this site is more in line with Wikipedia than say 6 separate creative cow links. Your thoughts? SPAM, just that —Preceding unsigned comment added by I have rewritten the paragraph on clutter in After Effects.

After Effects does suffer from layer clutter, however a the clutter doesn’t have anything to do with the timeline but rather with the stacking of layers in the Composition Window and b I think the article could do without the fish example–discussing what consitutes a ‘typical animation’ and how to achieve ‘extremely realistic results’ is beyond the scope of the article. AfterEffects suffers from clutter really because it is the only surviving compositing application not to use tree graphs–which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I added some new sections so that the information is more easily accessible and ordered logically. There were a few instances of unabashed praise ‘stunning’, ‘perfectly’ particularly in reference to other software products. If these are important opinions and therefore worthy of inclusion I think they should be cited otherwise it reads like an advert. I would like to see a section that generally outlines what major improvements each release featured.

See the entry for Quicktime to see what I mean. What version introduced multi-processing — v7 or CS3? Hi, I just commented out the entire Review section of the article. Three of the 5 links were broken and the other two link to reviews of old After Effects versions 6.

Hope thats ok with everyone. The term NLE should be written out before becoming an acronym, and both “non-linear editor” and “track oriented” should link to articles that describe what they are. I came to this page because I was interested in finding out what After Effects is and what it does, but I still am confused.

Can you edit a whole video in it start to finish? I always thought “After Effects” implied adding special effects or graphics, as opposed to a video editor. But now I am not so sure! Even to people who are familiar with other Adobe creative software, the description is inadequate. The fourth sentence of the article reads, “Although other compositing packages–especially ones that employ tree or node workflows, such as Apple Shake–are better suited to manage large volumes of objects within a composite, After Effects is able to somewhat counter the clutter by selectively hiding layers using the Shy switch or by grouping them into precompositions.

I believe that “Apple Shake” is an even less familiar software than After Effects, which makes it a poor reference point. From my perspective I am more curious about how it differs from Final Cut or Premiere. I don’t know what “tree or node workflows” are.

In my head I might try to imagine what I think they are based on my previous software understanding, but if I had no concept of what a tree or a node might imply in regards to software, I probably wouldn’t research those topics in order to decipher this article. In summary, I am now headed to the Adobe website to read their description of the program. I initially came to Wikipedia for a more objective and thorough overview.

Premier is just an editing application for editing clips together. Reply [ reply ]. I distinctly remember v2. Anyone have any info on it? There is a new version of After Effects available for download. Launched this June , I think. Part of the Creative Cloud Suite. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In , the program won an Academy Award for scientific and technical achievement. Adobe After Effects CC portable free download. Adobe Photoshop 7. After Effects has extensive plug-in support; a broad range of third-party plug-ins are available.

A variety of plug-in styles exist, such as particle systems for realistic effects for rain, snow, fire, etc. With or without third-party plug-ins, After Effects can render 3D effects.



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The following is the list of versions of After Effects over the years, including the aftter two versions released by CoSA. Adobe CS4 was also developed to adobe after effects cc 2017 wikipedia free better under bit and multi-core processors. Cancel Save. December 10, читать больше. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see lists of open tasks and regional and topical task forces. MIME type. March, [22].


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